Back at the start of last winter I was sent a pair of Pumori Trekking Poles from Ultimate Equipment for review. I used them extensively throughout the winter months – mainly to cross wet and boggy ground, so poor was ‘winter’, and am still taking them out on the hill with me on days when I’m carrying a heavy load.

My initial thoughts on these poles were very positive, and I still find it hard to think of anything negative to write about them today. They are light enough to carry with you, and feel sturdy enough for what is in effect a middle-budget pair of poles. The lever-lock mechanism works well and the handles and straps are comfortable in use.

I like my trekking poles to fold down small so that they can easily be carried on the outside (or even inside) of my rucksack when not in use – I don’t always want to have both hands full if I’m scrambling, or I might want hands free for working with ropes, or a map and compass, and I did find the poles a little too long for this, if I wanted to stow them without them protruding at the top of my rucksack. However, this is a very minor quibble, and most folk will be delighted with the Pumori poles.


I’d like to see how durable the Pumori poles are in the long term – certainly at the moment, after reasonably heavy use, mine are still going strong, but only time will tell if they’ll outlast my old favourite poles from a better-known brand (which even when I bought them around 15 years ago, where more expensive than the Ultimate Equipment Pumori Poles sell for today!).

The great news is that Ultimate Equipment currently have a sale on the Pumori Poles – you can buy a pair directly from them for just £60! That really is a bargain.

All-in-all, a really good, mid-priced pole that should see you over a lot of rough terrain, and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come.

Check out the Ultimate Equipment website and buy them online at Ultimate Equipment

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