What can be said about the range of windshirts from Buffalo that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? They’ve been around in the hills for a long time now, and I’ve always known their kit to be good quality, robust, and long-lasting. That said, I’d never actually worn their windshirt before, so was keen to test one in the hills.


Initially I was impressed by the service at Buffalo. They wanted to know exact measurements so that my windshirt would fit me correctly. I really like this touch, as a garment that flaps around in the wind is more likely to annoy me than anything else. When it arrived I was immediately taken by the cut, and the care with which the windshirt had been constructed.

It feels a little on the bulky side compared to some of the super-lightweight windshells I’ve tested recently, and I actually thought that this was a disadvantage, but I’ve noticed that even when weight in my backpack is an issue, I still pack the Buffalo Windshirt over any of my more modern, lighter alternatives.


Pockets on a windshirt are an important issue. Most modern windshirts have a small pocket that the whole garment stuffs neatly into, then zips up and clips easily to the back of a harness. I really like this, but sadly the Buffalo offering doesn’t have such a pocket. However, it does have an enormous front pocket which is perfect for stowing items such as hat and gloves, phone, camera, or guidebook, and this works really well when on a climbing or scrambling route as you don’t want to constantly have to take your rucksack off to get at these bits of gear when your on a small belay stance. So, when it comes to pockets I think the Buffalo Windshirt loses in one respect, but gains in another. To be fair, the Buffalo Windshirt does pack down small, but just lacks its own sack to stuff the whole thing into.

I also found it to be very breathable, wicking away moisture easily even when working hard. While it’s not intended to be waterproof, I also keep mine on during the occasional Lakeland shower when I know that the wet stuff will just pass overhead pretty quickly.

All in all this is still up there with many of the more modern windshells on the market, and at around £60 the Buffalo windshirt is one of those true, rare bargains.

For full product details go to Buffalo Systems