Zamberlan’s range of light hiking shoes includes some great products for the summer. I have recently tested the 108 Hike GTX from this range, and found it to be a superb all-round trainer.


When I opened the box one noticeable thing about the 108 Hike GTX was that the colour of these trainers is very low-key and dumbed-down. They are a simple, no-fuss grey, with white laces. After a few years of testing all the latest trainers and hiking boots from a myriad of manufacturers, all in bright oranges, yellows, reds and blues, the 108 Hike’s were a pleasant surprise. I notice however that you can also buy them in orange (for men) and bright red (for women), so don’t despair if these look a little ‘normal’ for your tastes.

I found the 108 Hikes to be immediately comfortable and well-fitted. They are the shoes I go to when my feet have been punishingly stuck inside slightly-too-tight rock shoes all day, and feel the need to spread out and relax on the walk-out from the crag, in the car on the way home, or down the pub enjoying a nice pint after a hard day in the hills.

With a Vibram sole and GoreTex lining the Zamberlan 108 Hikes are not just for taking it easy in though. They are very well suited to low-level routes, and will tackle countryside walks and low-to-medium hills with ease.

I noticed that the laces are flat, and top-threaded, which can make them a little difficult to adjust to fit, but it does mean that once tied they stay correctly adjusted, unlike most boots and shoes that come with round laces.

The 108 Hikes are a very welcome addition to the vast array of trainers and low-level walking shoes on the market. At around £80 they are a bargain too.

Check them out here: Zamberlan 108 Hike GTX