Trekking, Hiking and Liner Socks from Teko.

I wear a lot of socks. I need socks for cold climbs, for long distance walks, for winter walks, for summer mountain walks, for mountaineering, for rock climbing on those days when it’s too cold to just have rock shoes on, for lowland walks, for dog walking, and for going down the pub.

Teko recently asked if I could review socks from their  Merino wool range and I naturally jumped at the chance.

As with all the socks within the range, the Teko Trekking Socks use their own M3RINO.XC wool which wicks moisture really well, and is naturally anti-microbial, keeping your feet fresh even on the hardest of stomps up hill. The fit of these socks is superb, making use of the Achilles Wrap System which provides excellent cushioning around the heel and instep, while a heavier knit on the foot and lower calf gives added comfort. I found these socks to be ideal for cold conditions, and also for when you really need extra comfort on those extra-long hikes.

Teko Merino wool trekking socks

The Teko Light Hiking Socks are, as you would expect, made to be less bulky and not as warm to wear. They are woven from the same grade of M3RINO.XC wool as the trekking sock, but are more suitable for mountain and moorland walking in the spring and summer months.

Teko Merino wool hiking socks

The Teko Deluxe Merino Liners are exactly what they should be. Super-lightweight socks for use under the trekking or hiking socks for extra warmth and comfort, or for use on their own with approach shoes or rock shoes. I personally didn’t like the fit of the liners, as I found them too clingy around the instep, and they actually pushed back against the toes making them feel too constricted, meaning I had to stop occasionally to take my shoes off for readjustments. I do have slightly odd shaped feet though, so this could just be a personal thing.

Teko Deluxe Liner Socks

All in all, I think this range of socks from Teko is superb, offering warmth, comfort, and suitability for a variety of outdoor activities. I think the pricing is fair too, and urge you to give them a go!