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The Redburn Pro shoe from Mammut appears, on paper at least, to be a great all-round approach shoe for walking, roadside cragging, travel, and a host of other pursuits, but do they actually perform that well out on the rough stuff? I’ve been wearing a pair off and on for a range of activities for the last 6 months or so, and overall, I think they are definitely fit for purpose, albeit with a few little niggles.

On paths and tracks I found the shoes to be good, solid and stylish too. The soles are a bit ‘thin’ so you do feel all those little stones as you walk, but given that the Redburn Pro is marketed as an approach shoe for climbers I kind of expected this. The soles are stiff, which does cut down on the footbed sensitivity, making them relatively comfortable to walk in.

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The shoe incorporates a ‘climbing zone’ giving a pretty good edge for use on small rock holds, although I didn’t find the cross-torsional support to be quite as good as I’d hoped for, meaning my foot did roll off side holds quite a bit. This was a shame, as I had hoped to use these shoes for climbing instructional wear, when I don’t want to be in dedicated rock shoes all day, but having something on my feet that I can demonstrate edging and smearing with would make all the difference. Sadly the Redburn Pros weren’t great in this respect.

Having said that, I did find the grippy rubber used on the sole to be excellent when compared to many other similar approach shoes on the market. The lacing system is snug too, enabling good tensioning from the toe cup all the way up to the ankle.

Given the slim sole and lack of good support, I wouldn’t use the Redburn Pro shoes for mountain walking, but I don’t really think that’s what Mammut intend anyway. For walking on non-technical terrain, cycling, travel, or hanging about at the bottom of crags (as rock climbing instructors often do!) they are pretty good all-rounders. And as they currently retail at around £70, the price shouldn’t be see as off-putting either.

For more information, check out Mamut’s website Mammut Redburn Pro shoes

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