I’m often asked by clients how I manage to keep my boots waterproof. Leather is easy to maintain, given a good clean with Nikwax Leather Cleaner to remove mud and especially peat from the surface and stitching, then treating with Waterproofing Wax for Leather, also from Nikwax, but fabric boots can be a bit more tricky.

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Having said that, I’ve recently started using another Nikwax product that I am finding increasingly useful. Most of my winter mountaineering boots are fabric, or a combination of leather and fabric, and these need something a little different. Nikwax make a superb Footwear Cleaning Gel which can be used on all footwear, and it is particularly useful in that it also revitalises the breathability and water repellency. I then spray with Fabric and Leather Proof, which boosts the overall waterproofing ability of the boot, returning them to a ‘good-as-new’ state, and I’m ready to hit the hills again.


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