Review by Olivia Abbott.

I hate being cold. Don’t get me wrong – although  I may not be the snow fiend my husband is, I love bright, crispy winter days – but I do like to be well wrapped up when the temperature drops. Look at photos of me out on the hills on a cool day, and you can pretty much guarantee I’ll have a snood of some sort around my neck. For bitter days, I like a thick, fleecy one; for more fashionable outings, I have two cotton knitted ones that are also great for twisting into impromptu hats or for wrapping fashionably around the head.

So when Ian of asked if we’d review a Buff from the selection on his site, it was only natural that Graham asked me to do it. First thing was to take a look at the KitShack website, and I was like a child in a sweet shop – the choice is massive. Buffs now come in all sorts of styles, colours and sizes, not to mention different materials (both manmade and natural), suitable for all sorts of activities and weather conditions.

Eventually I chose a double-sided merino wool neckwarmer Buff, and, unable to decide on a colour, left it to Ian to send me the Gaudia/Purple version, which happens to match my waterproof jacket perfectly. Although it’s quite thin and light compared to the fleecy snood-type things I’m used to, it has been perfect for the sort of weather we’ve had lately (warm and damp!) and it feels lovely – soft and silky, but snuggly and luxurious. There’s enough material to pull up over your nose and mouth when the wind’s up, but at the same time it’s not so bulky that you can’t do up your jacket properly when it’s raining (a problem with my old style bulky snoods). And if you happen to be really lucky and it gets so warm that you don’t need it round your neck, you can wear it as a headband. It dries fast (handy when you’re using it as a mask and breathing into it) and is just really versatile and easy to carry and use.


For full-on winter conditions, you might want something a bit more heavy duty, but looking at the range available, I think Buff will make it, and you’ll find it on the KitShack website.

Double-sided 100 per cent merino wool neckwarmer Buff, £25 from