Jorasses 03

I have always had a love/hate kind of relationship with Zamberlan. Put simply, I love their boots, but I hate that it’s not always been easy to actually find them for sale in the UK. I deeply hope that that is not the case with these superb boots, the Jorassess GTX RR. I’ve struggled to take them off ever since a pair arrived for me to test.

Of course, it’s easy to be a bit biased about these things. Have I been swayed by the good looks of these boots to the exclusion of all sense? Well, I don’t think so. They are a great B2 winter and Alpine mountaineering boot. They’ve had a few days out with me when I’m undertaking my ‘day-job’ as Fell Top Assessor on Helvellyn, and feel oh, so comfortable both on their own and with a pair of crampons attached. They don’t actually feel that B2-ey, in that they are very comfortable to wear. In fact, to put that theory to the test I deliberately took them out on a few moorland and hill walks to see how I felt about them after some boggy and wet ground. I’ve had the Jorasses up Wild Boar Fell and Nine Standards Rigg in the Northern Yorkshire Dales, and on Skiddaw and Blencathra in the Lake District in very marginal winter conditions, and, try as I might, I’m struggling to find anything at all that’s bad to say about these boots.

The Zamberlan Jorasses seem to be the perfect boots for absolutely every hill-based activity you can dream of, up to needing B3 boots for really serious ice climbing. They’re great on rock, very waterproof for crossing raging streams, good for kicking steps in hard snow and steep banks of moss.

I’m working through a number of different winter boot reviews right now, but have already consigned the Zamberlan Jorasses to Mountain Rescue duty, as I know they’ll see me through some very long and hard hours on the hills this winter.

The Zamberlan Jorasses retail at around £240 – I just hope you can get hold of a pair!