The good people at Rab have just been in touch to let me know that they’re sending an Aeon Tee Baselayer my way for review. On the face of it, it looks just like any other baselayer, with the usual build and design quality you’d expect from a company like Rab.


However, the Aeon Tee is treated with Polygiene (permanent odour control technology), which Polygiene claim means you don’t have to wash the garment so often, and you will not become the smelly hiker that nobody wants to hit the hills with. The catchphrase here is Wear More, Wash Less. I like the concept of this, not only from the point of view of someone who spends long periods of time in the hills, often living out of a rucksack for days on end, but also for the environmental benefits of not constantly having to put your clothes through the washing machine.

So, does the Aeon Tee treated with Polygiene really work? Is it comfortable to wear? Does the treatment effect the wicking ability? Is it good value for money? And will the anti-niff properties of the material last over time? All of these questions, and more, will be answered once I’ve tested one myself!

In the meantime, you can view the Rab Aeon range on their website here, and watch a short clip about Polygiene here