Emily Stachowiak reviews women’s kit from Sherpa Adventure Gear

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Sherpa Women’s Asaar Pertex Shield Jacket

I had been looking for a good quality waterproof that would protect me from the most extreme downpours, be lightweight and easily scrunch into a bag without taking up much room. The Asaar waterproof has mostly been used when I am at work in mountainous environments within the UK. As a climbing instructor, the extra room inside the hood to fit a helmet is fantastic, and I am particularly impressed with the small fabric cap which prevents rain from dripping straight off the hood into your eyes. The grey and pink colouring of the jacket is very attractive, but a range of options other than these would allow this item to appeal to more people. As the coat would be the outer layer, it might be good to have some more brightly coloured items for easier identification in the fog. I like the full length zip, as this allows for easier layer changing. The zip does not add much to the overall weight.

As far as lightweight and easy to scrunch into a bag goes, this jacket is spot on!! It is only a waterproof outer layer so it does not provide much extra heat, although it does work as a wind protection layer. This is fine in warmer weather, and makes it a fantastic summer waterproof, but I have found that this is not a problem in winter either as it can easily fit a down jacket underneath.

So what about protection from the most extreme downpours? This coat is in its element with moderate rain showers. I have found that the water gets through, particularly on the sleeves, in very heavy constant rain though. In conclusion, this jacket is great for hillwalking, climbing and mountain biking on days with light to moderate rain or heavy showers, but it will not hold its own on a day of constant heavy showers.

The Asaar retails at £150 and you can order it direct from Sherpa Adventure Gear here

Sherpa Women’s Naulo Pant

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These trousers have mainly been used when I am working in mountainous areas in the UK. They have been out on many single day hikes. My favourite thing about this garment is the stretchy material. It stretches and moves with your body, but it is made from a strong and very windproof material. This means that it is great for walking, but it can also comfortably handle a bit of scrambling where flexibility becomes paramount. They are also hardwearing and flexible enough for a day crag climbing.

There are three zip pockets on this trouser which means that there is ample storage. One of the pockets is on the leg which for me is exactly arm’s length, making it incredibly accessible. I always prefer zip pockets for that extra security.  The material inside the pockets is also stretchy, allowing more room than appears at first glance. The material means that they are very lightweight and easy to scrunch into a bag. Although these are not waterproof trousers, they will hold their own against light showers. If you do get caught in a bigger downpour, they are very quick drying.

In conclusion, this item is flexible, hardwearing and comfortable making them ideal for full days of mountain activities such as hiking, scrambling and climbing. These trousers have fast become my “go to” leg wear when heading for a day in the hills!

The Naulo Ppants are currently ON SALE from Sherpa Adventure Gear at £35! Follow this link here

Sherpa Dikila Zip Tee

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This midlayer is designed to keep you warm while protecting you from intense sun. As I have only used it in the mountainous areas of the UK, I cannot comment much on its UV protection! Nevertheless, I will review it based on its uses within the UK, of which there are many.

This midlayer is incredibly comfortable. Made from a soft fleecy and stretchy material, it moves with your body and is pleasant to the touch. There is a small zip pocket on the left arm which is ideal for keys or other small items and is very accessible. The top is windproof and provides a good level of warmth, as a midlayer should. It does not have a full length zip which helps to keep it lightweight. I don’t think that the addition of a full length zip would enhance the product at all, as it is mainly used for throwing on on a sunny day, as the temperature drops due to height gain.

In conclusion, this product makes for a fantastic midlayer. It is flexible, comfortable and pleasant to the touch, as well as lightweight and easy to throw on! I think that this product would truly come into its own on a chilly summit somewhere abroad where the UV is high. As I am heading to New Zealand for a full year, I will be sure to try it out on some snowy and sunny summits to see how it fairs!

Retailing at £55 the Dikila is another great bargain from Sherpa Adventure Gear. More details  here


Graham from Wild UK would like to thank Emily for this review, and to wish her all the best on her exciting move to New Zealand!

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