Back in the spring I was looking for a good solid tent for three season backpacking and wild camping, and wanted a shelter that I could rely on, that would not break the bank, or my back. I wanted a tent that would be easy to pitch in all weathers, and that would stay pitched in all weathers too.

Creiglyn Dyfi

I’ve been tempted by Vaude tents since trying out one of their rucksacks and finding the design and build quality unbeatable, so decided to test their Terratrio 2 person tent throughout the summer.

First impressions when the tent arrived were that it packed neatly into the sack that was supplied, but it felt quite heavy for a 2 person tent. At just under 2.5kg it’s not overly heavy, but there are lighter tents on the market.


Fortunately, it was a wet and wild summer. Now that’s a phrase I don’t say very often! The deluge did give me a lot of opportunities to test out the Vaude Terratrio in the wet and windy stuff though.

The first time I pitched it was, thankfully, a glorious and calm afternoon under the rugged crags of Aran Fawddwy at the splendidly remote Creiglyn Dyfi. I say ‘thankfully’, because although Vaude claim that this is an ‘easy-pitch’ tent, I actually struggled a bit. Yes, I was pitching it on my own without any prior knowledge at all of what the erected tent should look like, but in my defense I do pitch an awful lot of tents in my life, and can generally erect a shelter for the night in pretty quick time. The Terratrio wasn’t amazingly complicated, but I did start off with the wrong poles in the wrong sleeves, and had to take it all apart and start again. To be absolutely fair to Vaude, I really should have pitched the tent first in my garden to familiarise myself with it, and I have to say that once pitched it really is a great place to sleep out a stormy night.


It’s rugged, well built, and gives ample space inside for two people (and a small dog!). It’s quite high, which is nice for more comfortable camping, and feels like it is made to last.

I also think this is a great value tent. You can pick one up from Cotswold Outdoor for £185 (here), which is super value for what is actually a super tent for a couple to take up into the hills. I particularly liked the double-sided vestibule, which gives lots of storage space for boots and rucksacks, and have found myself packing the Terratrio in favour of other two person tents all summer.

My only tiny, little gripe is the weight. I’m used to carrying super light tents around in the hills, and at 2.5kg it does feel a bit of a load. Of course, this weight can be shared between the two people using the tent, which does make it a lot more manageable.

To find out more about the Vaude Terratrio 2P tent go to Vaude Terratrio.