The Summerlite from PH Designs is the lightest down jacket in the world. It’s as simple as that. Using PHD’s unique 1000 Fillpower Down gives us a jacket that weighs in at just 180g, and a packed size that is about the same dimensions as a rolled up pair of walking socks.

PH Designs Summerlite 1


The Summerlite Jacket is great for just having as a spare layer in your rucksack, and it’s a lot less bulky than a spare fleece too.

I love mine, and never really head for the hills without it these days. It’s handy just to have with you, but as it’s part of the Summer Lightning Collection from PHD, it’s real worth is in as a warmth layer for mountain marathoners.  It’s simplicity comes from parring down the jacket to the bare bones, and only having what is essential from a warmth layer. There’s no hood, but it does have a short collar. There are hand-warmer pockets, but nowhere else to store things (but that’s what your rucksack’s for, surely!). The front did seem a bit short in mine, but the jacket does benefit from a lower back.

PH Designs Summerlite 3

The more I wear mine, the more I realise that it’s better than carrying a fleece around in the summer months. What if it rains? Well, another great leap forward from PHD in terms of down clothing is that the SummerLite is made with a superb water-resistant Ultrashell fabric, so you don’t have to get all upset if there should happen to be a cloud burst while you’re out in it.

PH Designs are offering the Summerlite until the end of June only, so be quick folks and grab yours today.

PH Designs Summerlite 2

PH Designs SummerLite Down Jacket