Zamberlan Airound 03

First impressions last, don’t they? Well, maybe not. When I first took the Zamberlan Airound GTX RR hiking shoes out of the box, I just couldn’t quite get over how garish they looked. There’s a lot of bright colours going on here, and I for one am not used to walking the countryside wearing something on my feet that a 14 year old might be proud of.

Zamberlan Airound 06

However, I persevered, and wore them out in places where I thought I wouldn’t be seen. That’s when my opinion of the ‘shoes’ started to change. For low-level hiking, I found the Airounds to be remarkably comfortable, and best of all, they just seemed to keep my feet nice and fresh whatever I managed to find to tread in on the path, or however hard I worked them.

Zamberlan Airound 05

These are the first shoes to completely surround your feet in GoreTex, giving great all over waterproofing, but also impressive breathability. The Vibram sole gives an added element of ‘serious-walker’ to the boot too, and I’ve actually found that these shoes have really grown on me. So much so, that I now don’t mind being seen out in daylight in them, and have even been known to wear them down the pub, ‘apres-hike’.

Zamberlan Airound 04

I’ll be very interested to see how long-lasting they are, and speaking of lasting, it’s worth mentioning that Zamberlans do come in a very narrow, snug fit, so make sure you get them sized properly, rather than buying on-line.

For the Zamberlan website, including stockist details, go to:

Zamberlan Airound 07