Aquapac duffel 1

A good sized, tough, practical duffel bag that can be used for a range of outdoor pursuits. I’ve used the 90 litre version a lot over the last few weeks for group rock climbing sessions. It’s easily big enough to get four harnesses and helmets, three or four ropes, and a large rack inside, and makes carrying kit up to the crag a lot easier than stuffing it all in rucksacks.

Aquapac duffel 3

For closing and sealing the duffel Aquapac have gone for the well-used ‘dry-bag’ type closure, with a big strip of velcro to hold the whole thing together until you’ve buckled the ends of the bag and brought the tensioning straps over. I found the top roll-over very hard to do at first, so much so that I couldn’t get the velcro strips to line up with each other. For the 90l bag this needs two people to do initially, but I did find that the more times I closed the bag, the softer became the material, and it is now quite easy to roll it over with just one pair of hands. I suspect the smaller duffels in the range might be a bit easier to fasten.

Aquapac duffel 2

For anyone needing a large, robust, waterproof duffel for group kit this is a great buy. At £65 for the 90l version you can’t go wrong.

Aquapac duffel 4