Olivia Abbott

On St David’s Day (1st March) we went up Cadair Idris. For some reason, there is an enduring myth that this is Wales’s second-highest mountain – I’m pretty certain that we were taught this when I was in junior school and a lot of people still seem to think it’s so, but my mountaineering (and climber of pretty much all of Wales’s mountains of note) husband, tells me this is not the truth. In fact, there are, he tells me, at least 17 mountains in Wales that are higher.

However, that is not to say that Cadair isn’t high. It certainly felt high enough to me on Saturday. We had elected to go up the north side, up the Pony Path, and we started on a lovely, sunny morning, warm enough not to need jackets. Looking across to Cyfrwy – the lower peak that we needed to get around or…

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