I know, I know. I’ve been quiet on here lately. It’s been a busy time at Wild Walks Wales with lots of bookings coming in, and days spent on the hill. Last week I attended a workshop with Mountain Training as a provider of their brand new Hill Skills and Mountain Skills Scheme courses.

This scheme is being launched by Mountain Training on 1st April, and is aimed at folk who want to learn the basics of keeping safe in the hills, moorlands, and mountains, but who don’t want to learn leadership skills such as at Walking Group Leader or Mountain Leader level. There are thousands of people out there who enjoy being out in the countryside who would benefit from these courses, but who don’t want to become ‘a leader’!

So, now we are official providers of both Hill Skills and Mountain Skills courses, and we’ll be having our own launch via our website very soon – http://www.wildwalkwales.co.uk

The other great thing about attending the workshop last week was getting the opportunity to spend valuable hill time with other outdoor professionals. It’s very true that although we each spend a lot of time out in the mountains with our clients, most mountain leaders actually work in isolation from other professionals, and I found it very worthwhile to get out and throw ideas at other leaders, and pick up some tips too!