Cadair Idris will soon be our local mountain. We’ll be guiding lots of people to its summit over the coming months, and that in itself makes me really happy. Cadair is an exciting mountain you see. It’s not far below the magical 3000 feet mark, and is wild and rocky on all sides, with its lower slopes fringed with woods.


From the south there is a rough path that leads up from Minffordd at the top end of Llyn Mwyngil. The route takes you up beside the gushing Nant Cadair, then round into a lovely hidden bowl, or cwm, holding the steely waters of Llyn Cau.

Above the lake the path takes to the ridge of Craig Cwm Amarch, then bouldery slopes lead around the head of the cwm, in a wild and rocky curve, to the summit of Cadair Idris, known as Penygadair. The name Cadair Idris means ‘The Chair of Idris’ – Idris being a mythical giant. It is said that if you spend a night on the summit of Cadair Idris you will wake up either a madman or a genius. I’ve tried it, and suspect I’m leaning a lot closer to the former!


Eastwards from Penygadair great gulfs of rock fall in black cliffs into wild cirques and a ridge leads onwards to the summit of Mynydd Moel. A descent to the south leads into the trees above Nant Cadair and an easy walk out after a day on the heights of southern Snowdonia’s finest mountain range.

Our guided walks up Cadair Idris from Minffordd for the (2013/14) autumn and winter are on the following dates:

  • Friday, November 15th
  • Sunday, December 1st
  • Saturday, January 4th

The price per person for a full day’s guided walk is £50, with a minimum of two people required.

Booking details are on